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Body Lotion
A concentrated emulsion of selected non-greasy emollients. Restores lost moisture and provides relief of itchy, dry skin.
Glycolic 15% Body Lotion
This 15% glycolic body lotion is cosmetically elegant and has been specially formulated to help achieve softer, smoother skin texture and tone. This light, quick absorbing lotion formula contains vitamins A, C,
and E to help condition the skin and assist in minimizing free-radical-induces skin damage.
Glycolic Elite Facial Cream 15%
This glycolic acid cream contains Vitamins A, C, E and Green Tea.
Glycolic 18% Extremity Cream
This cream creates a smooth, healthy and beautiful texture on the arms and legs. It is a concentrated treatment that contains a higher level of glycolic acid that is designed for the use on the knees, elbows, hands and feet.
Gly-Sal Pads
Cleansing pads for the treatment of acne, with the skin enhancement properties of Glycolic acid.
Lights Off
A calming evening cream with blueberries, jojoba, grape seeds and vitamin E. Increase the beneficial effects of beauty sleep with this mid-weight moisturizing night cream that nourishes, renews, and brightens the skin, leaving it soft and silky the next morning. Packed with antioxidants, this cream quells redness, revives dull skin, and helps minimize the signs of stress and fatigue.
Nia 24 Skin Strengthening
Neither heavy nor too light, this fortified cream visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by enhancing the skin’s barrier function, accelerating repair and delivering continual moisturization.
Nia 24 Eye Repair Complex
Eye Repair Complex uses an incredible blend of anti-aging and nourishing ingredients to prevent premature skin aging, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, brighten hyperpigmentation and encourage collagen and elastin production. Caffeine reduces puffiness, vitamin E conditionsand soothes, vitamin C, licorice and white birch illuminate, antioxidants protect against free radical damage, and an advanced
moisture complex hydrates. These actions cause the eye area to become healthier, younger-looking and more resilient
Replenix Retinol Serum
This wonderful product assists in the achievement of smoother, firmer and more evenly toned skin. This retinol based serum formulation helps achieve more radiant looking skin while delivering the skin enhancement and protection benefits of green tea polyphenols.
Ultra Lite Moisture Dew
A delicate and mild general purpose moisturizer for the face recommended for all skin types. This moisturizer is free of oil, lanolin, fragrance, and contains no color additives. Pure aloe vera and glycerine help to bind moisture to the skin while squalane, a derivitive of one of the emollients found in healthy skin, and dimethicone help to further retard moisture loss.

Special Products

L-M-X Large/ L-M-X Small
Temporarily relieves pain and itching due to minor cuts, sunburn, minor scrapes, minor skin irritations, minor burns, and insect bites. This product can also be used prior to procedures to diminish discomfort.



Benzaderm Wash is a therapeutic combination of benzoyl peroxide with Aloe Vera gel for the treatment of acne.
Gentle Blue Cleanser
Non-Drying Gentle Cleansing Lotion contains a lightweight formula that sweeps away dull dirt, oil, and debris while softening, hydrating, and protecting skin from future damage and environmental assaults. This cleanser gently cleans, refreshes, and softens the skin.
Glycolic 10% moisturizing cleanser
A therapeutically formulated all purpose lathering wash containing lycolic acid, pH balanced to help normalize damaging conditions caused by chemicals.
Formulated with high-purity Niacinamide to help reduce the appearance of blemishes, discoloration, and photo-damaged skin. Ideal for daily use for various skin types, EltaMD UV Clear is extremely lightweight and contributes to maintaining smooth, clean, clear skin.



Kinesys SPF 30 Spray
This Fragrance-free sunscreen provides high sunburn protection. An ideal choice for athletes subjected to prolonged sun exposure while training or for individuals with sun sensitive skin requiring greater UV protection. The perfect choice for people who don’t want the telltale “beach” smell of conventional sunscreens.
Replenix Sunscreen (anti-aging)
Provides broad spectrum antioxidant SPF45 protection against sunburn and helps prevent solar skin aging with green tea extract.



Pumpkin Mask
Uncover your skin’s inner glow with this creamy cocktail of minerals, enzymes and vitamins. This deep cleansing, warming mask leaves pores looking smaller and more refined. Delicately scented with the rich, spicy scent of pumpkin. Minerals warm and purify the skin by opening pores and absorbing excess dirt, oil and impurities. Pumpkin enzymes increase exfoliation smoothing the skin. Macrospheres of Vitamin E are
dispersed through massage bringing needed nourishment to the skin.